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Accountants Birmingham

Tel: 0800 246 5318

Mob: 0776 330 2428

Phone lines are open between 9.00am - 9.00pm (7 days a week)



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Terms & Conditions

1. We are not chartered accountants ( we do not have any insurance cover)

2. When we take on clients accounts, we may outsource the work to be carried ou tby other accounting companies or by chartered accountants.

3. We submit accounts on your behalf or in some cases, get the chartered accountants that we have outsource the work to, to submit accounts on your behalf

( you will always get to check your accounts and sign them before submitting)

4. We do not act as an agent ( you are your own agent)

5. We do not deal with any investigations from HMRC or Companies House ( for this you will need to appoint a chartered accountant and pay them to help with the investigation)

6. When we email your accounts, you must check them properly before signing them, as you are liable for your accounts.

If there is any incorrect figures on the accounts and you let us know, before we submit, we will correct this and send this back to you, for you to check again, once you have signed the accounts are correct, we will have nothing to do with any enquiries that arise due to this.